Nashville Tennessee is one of the fastest growing Southern cities and is nationally known for its CaglePhoto.jpgleadership in healthcare and country music. Chuck Cagle, the leader of our Educational Practice, and his lovely wife Sandra have a passion for Nashville music. Country music no, that would be too obvious; their ear is for classical tunes. Chuck serves as president of the Nashville Symphony Orchestra League which through the leadership and support of its long time patron Martha Ingram inaugurated a new $126 million Performing Arts Center. Chuck whose practice extends across the 95 counties of Tennessee never misses the opportunity to emphasize to state school leaders the importance music and the arts are in the development of our children. A graduate of Tennessee Technological University Chuck was named their outstanding alumnus in 2006.

Dick Krieg’s concern for his fellow citizen precedes graduation from law school and continues to this day. Dick Krieg’s concern for his fellow citizen precedes graduation from law school and continues to this day. At the young age of 22 Dick was elected to the Tennessee State Legislature in 1968 the youngest Annual%20Dinner%20-%20Dick%20Kreig%20Profile.jpgperson at that time. Through extensive work in the courtroom and civic involvement, Dick has earned the respect of his clients, fellow lawyers, neighbors and friends throughout the Knoxville Community. Most recently, Dick through his active involvement with the Knoxville Airport Authority and the East Tennessee Historical Society conceived, created and help display historical pictures of Knoxville and Blount County for which he was recognized as their Outstanding Citizen in 2007.

We call her “Spark Plug” but you may know her as counselor Lisa Cole. A preeminent Employment Law attorney in our Nashville office, Lisa met her attorney husband Jonathan while attending the University Of Tennessee School Of Law. Two years ago Lisa became our first Lewis King shareholder to be admitted as a part time member. The part time tag is of course a little disingenuous. What is part time when you are juggling a busy and growing employment law practice, are wife to a busy lawyer, and mother of two. That is certainly full time for most, but somehow “Spark Plug” finds time to give back to her Nashville Community. She and Jonathan have given generously to the Junior League where Lisa has chaired several fund raising events. Lisa goes out of her way help sponsor new members for this wonderful organization of professional women who do so much to make Nashville a better place for all. Understanding and practicing work and family life balancing techniques is a point of emphasis in our career development at Lewis King and we hope Lisa has found that balance in her busy life.

Women are front and center in the legal profession today and at Lewis King. Debbie Deborah%20Stevens.jpgStevens, our President, has served in that capacity on a rotating basis for the past 16 years. Today eight of our twenty seven shareholders are female a number we believe will continue to increase. As Debbie sees it, we recruit and hire the best legal talent and today that means a growing number of very capable and highly talented women. Work and family-life balance, childcare, eldercare and women’s health are all issues of importance to Debbie for which she seeks solutions both in our firm and community. Debbie has led our participation in raising awareness and funds for women’s breast cancer research through participation in the Susan G. Komen walk-a-thon and was recognized in 2006 by the YWCA for her community involvement.

Melissa McCray-Dukes our Director of Marketing and Client Service is a cancer survivor. With the encouragement of our President she has helped communicate to our friends and neighbors the importance of regular breast examinations in the early detection and treatment of this most feared and dreaded cancer. In 2006 Melissa was recruited by her surgeon to participate as a speaker at the University of Tennessee’s Annual Cancer Awareness Fund Raiser. Melissa could hardly refuse, her blood runs orange. She is a former captain of two Lady Vol National Championship basketball teams and remains active with the program today and with her former coach and mentor, Pat Summit, the most winning coach in basketball. Melissa joined Lewis King upon graduation and has served in a variety of client service and marketing roles over the past 18 years and we, our clients and community are fortunate to have such a talented communicator and leader.

Alone, “caring” is one of those words which elicits multiple messages. For us it’s an extension of how we practice law and interact with our clients. It is about helping our neighbors solve problems and meet needs. Greg McMillan, an Associate in our Knoxville office, developed his concern for helping others early in life from the example set by his physician father. Greg, along with members of our construction practice and community friends and neighbors have now built 2 habitat homes and are eager to do more.

Today’s families are changing and evolving like never before. Single parent households now represent a large and growing reality. Isaac Conner, a third year Associate in our Nashville Office Isaac%20With%20Trey.jpgand former standout college basketball player, is actively involved in Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Recently, Isaac and his “Little Brother” Trey were asked to speak at the Third Annual Helping America’s Youth Regional Conference. This is a Presidential initiative, led by First Lady Laura Bush, to raise awareness about the challenges facing our youth, particularly boys, and to motivate caring adults to connect with youth in three areas: family, school and community.   Isaac also sits on the boards of the Street Theatre Company and the Center for Excellence a non-profit organization that assists middle school youth with academics and sports after school.  

Winston Harless, a Nashville shareholder and former Hart Freeman college professor continues his caring through coaching and mentoring young students through Love Helps. The mission of Love Helps is to educate and affirm children toward responsible behavior through positive character development using diverse programs networked with the community and administered with love.

Too often young children are prematurely exposed to intense pressure to succeed at all costs, and occasionally parents forget that children need to have a good time.  This problem caused Knoxville associate Joseph Ballard to reach out to his community by organizing and directing an Upward Basketball and Cheerleading program.  The Upward program revolves around the motto that “every child is a winner,” and encourages the participants to excel in learning fundamental basketball and cheerleading skills with the understanding that each child brings unique endearing qualities to their team regardless of athletic ability.

But at Lewis King caring is not just something attorneys do…….it is part of our culture and exists throughout the Firm. At the start of each year our secretary and administrative employees join rank, select Committee Leaders and commence a year long series of events including bake and book sales, raffles and other fund raising activities. At Christmas the money raised is donated to selected charities. We are proud of what our Christmas Committees achieve each year and their tradition of caring.

It is often said that clients hire attorneys, not firms. We believe clients hire attorneys who are great problem solvers, listeners and skilled and current in their legal knowledge. At Lewis King being a professional is both an obligation and a responsibility. The obligation is to our clients to advise, defend and solve those matters they present to us. The responsibility is to train and share our knowledge for the betterment of all.

Janet Hayes and David Garst shareholders in our Knoxville and Nashville offices, respectively, lead our in-house attorney training program. The majority of this training is focused on technical legal subjects. However, this past year Janet and David expanded the curriculum. They added a Quarterly Book Reading Club for new associates and an Outside Guest Speakers Program. Our Book Club focuses on training beyond the legal arena into leadership, business and organizational structure to help guide and expand the horizons of our associates. Jim Clayton, founder of Clayton Homes and one of Tennessee’s most renowned entrepreneurs was our first Guest Speaker. This fall Martha Ingram, Chairwoman at Ingram Industries in Nashville, will discuss the challenges she faced as a female executive upon the death of her husband. As part of our responsibility to train we have opened our Guest Speaker Program to selected students attending the University Of Tennessee School Of Law.

One issue impacting the training and development of associates in firms across the country is the large increase in the percentage of cases being settled before trial. At the request of the Knoxville Bar Association in 2006 shareholder David Draper led a panel study the “Vanishing Trial Symposium” that assessed the causes and implications of this change. The panel’s findings and recommendations were presented to our judicial leaders and the panel members were commended for their work.

Being “large and in charge” is a favorite saying of Nashville shareholder-in-charge John Tarpley. John spends a significant portion of his available time working with his fellow lawyers through his active participation in the Tennessee Bar Association. In 2006 John served as the TBA President. During his presidency John aggressively promoted and emphasized the importance of legal training and the commitment and responsibility of each member to do pro bono work. Or as John says, “being large and in charge” with those in need.

The Association of Legal Administrators is a nationwide organization of 10,000 members whose mission is to train and develop law firm administrators. Linda Glasgow, our Director of HR and Training, who in 2007 marked her 25th year with Lewis King is the past President and current program chair for the award winning Knoxville Chapter. For the past two years the organization has, with the University Of Tennessee School Of Law, conducted a series of classes on law firm practice and administration. Both Linda and shareholder John Tarpley have participated as guest speakers during these sessions.