Obama's Blueprint For Reform

Yesterday the Obama administration and the U.S. Department of Education issued a press release that give us some insight into the administration's proposed changes to NCLB.  I have linked the article below for your review.  I did note one interesting statement in the release.  "Under the Obama administration's blueprint, state accountability systems will set a high bar of all students graduating from high school ready to succeed in college and careers. The accountability system also will recognize and reward high-poverty schools and districts that are showing improvement getting their students on this path, using measures of progress and growth."  The release also provides a link to the administration's "Blueprint for Reform," which I have also linked below.  If these reforms are passed, the changes will affect every school district in the nation.  Please take a minute to review these links and let us all know your thoughts.



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Wholesale firing at Rhode Island School


A friend of mine who knows that I represent school boards sent me the article I have linked below.  It seems that a Rhode Island Superintendent decided to fire almost 100 teachers and principals.  Here is the kicker--  the firings were a result of the failure of the teachers' association and the district to reach an agreement on a plan that would, among other things, require the teachers to spend more time at school and get a minimal pay raise.  The article states that the school board upheld the superintendent's decision.  My first thought was that they sure do things different in Rhode Island.  Then I thought about whether I thought this was a good idea.  Regardless of your thoughts on this issue, it sure gives us all something to think about.  The article linked below gives one person's thoughts on the actions of the superintendent.  Please let us all know what you think about this.



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Commissioner of Education Thinks Most Schools Will Fail to Meet Goals

As I was sitting at the breakfast table this morning watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with my daughters, I noticed a headline on the front page of today's Tennessean which stated "Most TN schools could fail under tougher standards." After reading this article I immediately thought about how this ominous news would affect my clients. Based upon this article, the prognosis doesn't look good. Take a minute to read the article linked below and give us all your thoughts and comments.


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$1.5 million Award for Former Employee of a School District


Last week a Nashville jury awarded a former employee of the Metro Nashville Public Schools $1.5 million in an employment lawsuit.  The employee claimed that she was fired in retaliation for a claim of sexual harassment that she made against another employee.  The case was originally dismissed but the United States Supreme Court reversed and sent the case back for trial.  Take a minute to read the article below.


This will probably be my last post for a few days.  I start a two week trial tomorrow. 




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Summary of Tennessee First to the Top Act of 2010

As promised I have now posted a summary of the Tennessee First to The Top Act of 2010 which was passed last week during a special session of Tennessee Legislature. The document is located in the LK University "articles" section of this webpage and is entitled "Summary of SB 7005, Final Bill." Please take a look at this important piece of legislation that will affect the way that teachers and principals are evaluated and the procedure for dismissal of a tenured teacher. I am also attaching a link to this morning's article in the Tennessean which includes a link to a copy the state's Race to The Top application. The Tennessean reports that the state can expect to receive between $150 million to $250 million.


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