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Manifestation or Not?

Check out this article from Denver Colorado.  Seems that a child drew an inappropriate picture which depicted him in stick figure wielding a gun towards his teacher.  As a result the school had the child arrested and taken away in handcuffs to the jail where he was "booked" fingerprinted and had his mug shot taken.  The parents are plenty upset about this.  The kicker is the article indicates that the child has been diagnosed with ADHD and his therapist suggested that he draw pictures when he became upset instead of acting out in class.  The child followed the therapist's directions and was arrested for this.  If this child is classified as eligible for special education services for ADHD, or some other disability, I hope the school conducted a manifestation meeting before referring this to the police/sheriff.  If he was not eligible before this conduct, serious consideration should be given to making him eligible.  Clearly, the child's behavior negatively impacts his ability to learn and in fact may impact the learning of others.  This could be a serious situation for the school district at issue.  Take a second to look at the article and give us all your comments etc. 

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